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 About Us

At Vidarte Dental, we take pride in stuff the main dental medical institution in Málaga, presenting top-tier dentistry offerings with a focal point on first-class and unauthentic person satisfaction. Since our inception, we were defended to excellence in dental care, offering progressive and personalized answers for all dental needs.

 Our Comprehensive Services

 Emergency Care

We understand that dental problems can stand up at any time, that is why we provide emergency superintendency services to write your wishes promptly and effectively. Our group of specialists is misogynist to squire you with dental pain, trauma, or every other dental emergency.


With the purpose of turning in stunning and functional smiles, we provide superior orthodontic remedies to well-judged dental structuring troubles and enhance vital oral fitness. From traditional braces to increasingly unpretentious alternatives like Invisalign, we’ve answers for every age and desires.

 Dental Implants

Dental implants are a long lasting and powerful nomination for replacing lacking enamel. At Vidarte Dental, we use ultra-modern technology and exquisite substances to make sure unrenowned and lengthy-lasting outcomes. Our group of specialists handles each step of the procedure, from planning to implant placement.

 Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening

Our Philips Zoom enamel whitening remedy is an unenduring and secure way to unzip a brighter and increasingly lulu smile. Using the present day generation in enamel whitening, we are worldly-wise to dispose of stains and discoloration to reveal a uneaten radiant smile in just one session.

 Cosmetic Dentistry

At Vidarte Dental, we recognize the importance of a unpreventable and aesthetically lulu smile. Our cosmetic dentistry offerings are designed to embroider the outstart of your smile, from dental veneers to smile makeover approaches, we are single-minded to handing over results that exceed your expectations.

 Why Segregate Us

At Vidarte Dental, we strive to offer an tremendous dental enjoy with each go to. Here are some reasons why you must segregate us as your depended on dental health part-way in Málaga:

 Professionalism and Experience

Our team includes tremendously skilled professionals with sizeable enjoy in all regions of dentistry.

 Advanced Technology

We make use of current generation and wondrous substances to ensure constructive treatments and long-lasting results.

 Personalized Care

We make an effort to recognize the wishes and worries of each patient, supplying personalised solutions and a unauthentic person-focused method.

 Proximity and Convenience

Located inside the heart of Málaga, we’re effortlessly misogynist for our patients. Additionally, we provide flexible scheduling and a welcoming surroundings for a well-appointed and handy enjoy.

 Free First Visit

To welcome you to our sanatorium, we offer a loose first go to that includes a comprehensive dental evaluation and a customized remedy plan.


1. How lengthy does the Philips Zoom enamel whitening manner take?

   The Philips Zoom tooth whitening technique wontedly takes approximately an hour, offering on the spot consequences in only one session.

2. What financing options do you provide for dental remedies?

   At Vidarte Dental, we provide diverse financing options and fee plans to ensure our sufferers can reap the treatment they want with out financial concerns.

3. Is the procedure of dental implant placement painful?

   Our group makes use of superior anesthesia and sedation strategies to ensure that the dental implant placement system is as snug and pain-free as possible for our patients.

4. How long does it take to observe resurgence without orthodontic remedy?

   The pace of effects varies depending on the type of orthodontic treatment used and the severity of the case, but many patients uncork to note large enhancements inside a few months.

5. What must I do in specimen of a dental emergency out of doors of office hours?

   For dental emergencies out of doors of workplace hours, we endorse contacting our emergency carrier or in search of pressing clinical interest depending at the severity of the issue.

At Vidarte Dental, we are defended to providing pinnacle notch dental services that exceed the expectations of our sufferers. Contact us today to voucher your loose first go to and take the first step toward a healthful and exquisite smile.

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