Stacy Wilson’s Criminal Career and the Crime Scene Photos

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In the 1990s, Stacy Lynn Wilson lived in Lewiston and worked as a maid at a hotel. But things took a turn for the criminal when she started mixing her work life with her crime life. In 1996, Wilson was arrested for stealing from the hotel where she worked, which is how we first see her – through police mugshots. After serving some time for this crime, she moved to Florida and got another job cleaning hotels. This time, though, it wasn’t long before she began sticking her fingers in other people’s pockets and cleaning out their rooms. As you can probably tell from reading her name again, none of these scams stayed anonymous for long. This article covers everything we know about the crimes that put Stacy Wilson behind bars again and again – including those crime scene photos that reveal just how low some criminals will go to take what isn’t theirs.

1996: Stealing from Her Employer

In 1996, Stacy Wilson lived in Lewiston and worked as a maid at the Oxford Hotel. Authorities aren’t clear on the details of how she managed to get away with her crimes for as long as she did, but they do know that during a single weekend she stole thousands of dollars from her employers. The Oxford Hotel was owned by the Eastman family, who had to foot the bill for all of the items she stole with her room key. That bill came to more than $5,000. She was arrested in February 1996.

2000-2002: A Series of Thefts

By 2000, Stacy Wilson had moved to Florida, where she found herself working at another hotel. As her record would suggest, she didn’t put her skills to use cleaning and scrubbing bathrooms. Instead, she turned her attention to the guests in the rooms she was cleaning and swiped from their possessions. After stealing from one guest she was caught by security, who observed her taking something from another guest’s room. When they questioned her about it, she was unable to produce the item in question. This crime led to her arrest and her being charged with burglary and grand theft. She pled guilty to both in 2002 and served two years in jail.

2003-2004: More Thefts, and Some Probing

Stacy Wilson’s next arrest took place in 2003 when she was caught stealing from the guests staying in her hotel. The police also found her probing guests’ belongings and investigating the rooms of people she didn’t work for. This crime earned her a charge of burglary and two counts of grand theft. She pled guilty and was sentenced to two years in jail.

2005: The Murder of William “Bill” Good

In 2005, Stacy Wilson was working as a maid at another Florida hotel and taking advantage of her position to pilfer guests’ belongings. It might have continued indefinitely if she hadn’t been caught going through the things in Room 303. Her pilfering brought her into contact with the man staying in that room: William “Bill” Good. Good was visiting from Maine, where he lived with his wife Barbara. The two would go on to be the victims of one of Maine’s most disturbing murders.

2006: Extended Sentence and New Criminal Activities

In 2006, Stacy Wilson’s criminal career was interrupted when she was arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft again. She pled guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison. This sentence was extended an additional year after she was caught bringing a weapon into a prison facility. Investigators found a knife and razor blades in her possession. She was released in 2010. During the three years between her release and the next documented incident, she found new ways to make a living.

2008: Another Extended Sentence

In 2008, Stacy Wilson was arrested for fraud. Investigators found her depositing stolen checks into her bank account and using fake identification to cash them. She pled guilty to the charges and received an extended sentence. She was released in 2012.

2013: The Murder of Bohdan Smerek

In September 2013, Stacy Wilson was living in Florida and working at a hotel. The guest in Room 604 wasn’t happy with the service he received and complained to management. That guest was Bohdan Smerek, a Canadian businessman. He was in Florida to purchase a fleet of airplanes for a Canadian airline. For whatever reason, he didn’t file a complaint with the hotel management. Instead, he sent them an email. He also sent an email to his partner and his partner’s wife.

2014: One Final Sentence

When the hotel manager and staff read the email, they found it threatening enough to contact the police. They also contacted Smerek’s partner, who then called his wife. When they looked through the emails his wife had received, they found that one of them was from Stacy Wilson. They contacted the hotel and told them her email address was in Smerek’s email. By the time the police investigated, Stacy Wilson had vacated the motel without leaving a forwarding address. When they questioned the management of the hotel, they found that the only person who had been in the room next to Smerek’s at the time of his death was Stacy Wilson. The police searched her home and found her fingerprints on the door of Room 604. They also found the murder weapon in her car.

Shorn Samuel Had a Long History of Harassing Stacy Wilson

When all was said and done, Stacy Wilson was charged with second-degree murder, the use of a computer to commit a crime, and tampering with physical evidence. She pled guilty to the first two charges and was sentenced to life in prison. She will be eligible for parole in 2051. Stacy Wilson’s story is one of many that demonstrate the depths a low-life criminal will sink to get what they want. When you get right down to it, the only thing that separates her from people who steal to feed themselves is choice. She could have made a legitimate living if she’d wanted to. She could have saved herself a lot of trouble – and her victims a lot of pain – if she’d chosen a more honest path. She chose not to.

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