Rachael Durie’s Best Face Photo Tips

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When you’re trying to capture the perfect selfie, it can be tricky to get your best angles and find that flattering light. Luckily, supermodel Rachael Durie has the secret to the perfect face photo. In her Instagram bio, Rachael calls herself a “model-slash-photographer” – because she’s got some serious skills with a camera.

From fashion blogger to model agent, Rachael has jobs in the industry that put her in front of cameras almost every day. With nearly 200k followers on Instagram and counting, it’s clear that people love seeing what Rachael does when she puts on that duck face and selfie lens. Rachael is also represented by One Management and The Society Management which means we get an unfiltered look inside her everyday life – from plane trips to pool parties. So let’s take a look at some of her best face tips for getting the perfect shot!

Don’t shy away from filters.

We’ve all done it – tried to get rid of the redness in our skin with a serious filter before letting anyone see the final product. But don’t be embarrassed to use a few filters next time you’re snapping a quick selfie. Rachael likes to use the “Narcissist” filter on every photo, but she recommends swapping it out once in a while to keep your feed fresh. This will help make each selfie unique, so your feed doesn’t get stale.

Use your phone’s built-in filter.

Who knew that you could use your phone’s built-in filter for more than just taking a photo? Rachael likes to take a photo and then use the filter built into her phone to edit the photo to make it look a little different. She also recommends using the “Narcissist” filter to make your photo look more intense.

Finding the right light is key.

Whether you’re using a selfie stick or just holding your phone in your hand, you have to make sure the light is hitting your face the right way. Rachael recommends finding a natural light source, like an open window, to make sure your face is getting the best light possible. You can also use a light source like a lamp to make sure you look your best.

Don’t be afraid of using a selfie stick or tripod.

As we’ve seen, lighting is key to getting the right selfie. But how do you get the right angle when you’re trying to take a selfie with one hand? Try using a selfie stick or tripod to prop your phone up so you can get a nice, straight-on shot. Rachael even uses a tripod when she’s out by the pool because it’s just not the same to take a selfie sitting in the sand.

Be mindful of placement and framing.

When you have a tripod or selfie stick, it’s easy to get a little carried away with where you’re placing the camera. If you’re taking a selfie with a tripod, Rachael recommends taking a few test shots to make sure that you’re in the perfect spot. You also want to make sure you’re framing yourself in an interesting way. Rachael likes to turn her head to the side a bit, so her cheek is facing the camera.

Bottom line

There are a lot of different ways to take the perfect selfie, but the best face photo is all about the lighting. Spend some time finding the right light source for your face, and you’ll have the perfect selfie every time!

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