Injuries of Pearl Fernandez’s Killer – What do the photos show?

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Did 25-year-old Pearl Fernandez suffer before her death? Did she know her killer? Did she see him coming? The photos show the killer’s hair covered in blood, his face also covered with blood and dried blood all over his hands. We know that Pearl was murdered and left in a dumpster. Her body was so badly mutilated that it took the police two days to identify her. They think the killer used a knife to mutilate her body, but what did he use to beat her so badly? Let’s take a look at what we know about the injuries of Pearl killer.

Injuries to the face

The most obvious injury is a large bruise on the left side of his face. The bruise could have been caused by a punch, something being smashed into his face, or a car accident. The killer’s nose is broken, showing that it is likely that Pearl had the upper hand and hit him in the face. They also found blood and tissue in the killer’s nostrils. This leads the police to believe that he sustained an injury to his nose while he was attacking Pearl . His lips are cut and swollen. The cut on his top lip is jagged and looks like Pearl’s teeth might have caused it. The swelling on his bottom lip is likely due to a punch or kick to the mouth. His cheek has a large scratch on it, likely caused by Pearl’s nails.

Head Injuries

The killer has a large bruise on the outside of his left eye. It is likely that he was struck in the head with something, most likely a bottle. The killer also has a cut on the top of his head that is bleeding, indicating that Pearl struck him with a bottle in the head. It appears that there is also a laceration on the back of his head, meaning that he may have fallen to the ground. It is not clear if the killer was struck on the back of the head before or after he hit his face on the pavement.

Body Injuries

The killer’s shirt is ripped open down the middle, likely as he tore it off. There are large tear marks on the sleeves of his shirt where he gripped the fabric, indicating that he grabbed the sides of his shirt and tore it off. He also has several large scratch marks on his arms, a possible indication that Pearl scratched him as he grabbed her shirt and tore it off. There is also a puncture wound on his upper back. It is likely that Pearl stabbed him with a broken bottle as she fought back.

Hand Injuries

The killer has dried blood that is caked on his hands and fingers. His left hand also has a laceration on the palm, likely caused as he tried to raise his hand in defense as Pearl slashed him with a broken bottle. The killer’s right hand and fingers are covered in dried blood. The killer’s right hand and fingers have a large amount of blood dried on the skin, indicating that he held Pearl’s bleeding face. There is a flap of skin hanging from his right thumb, likely caused as he tried to defend himself while trying to hold Pearl’s face. The killer’s right thumb also has a deep scratch, which likely came from Pearl’s attempt to get him to release his grip on her face.

Thigh Injuries

There is dried blood on both of the killer’s thighs. The killer’s right thigh has a large puncture wound consistent with a bite mark. There is also a deep scratch on the killer’s left thigh.

Ankle Injuries

There are scratch marks on the killer’s ankles. It is unclear if the killer sustained these scratches during the attack or if he stepped in a broken bottle as he walked away from the scene.

What do these injuries show?

These injuries show that the killer put up a fight. They indicate that Pearl had the upper hand as she beat him, slashed him with a broken bottle, and bit him. She likely also kicked him as he tried to walk away from the scene. Our best guess at the scenario is that Pearl and the killer had an argument. He attacked her, and she fought back and killed him. The police believe that Pearl was likely with the killer before she was killed. They also believe that she knew her killer or was at least familiar with him.

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