What are the Trending Types of Videos for Social Media?

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If an image is worth a thousand words, videos are 10X of that.

In social media marketing, using videos is the next step, and it guarantees engagement. The popularity of videos has spread across platforms, hence, the rise of Facebook Stories, Instagram Reels, and TikTok videos. The audience cannot get enough of the videos!

Sometimes, you can even convert videos into audio files and share them with your audience across platforms that don’t support videos yet. This will give them a glimpse of what to expect and tempt them to download or stream the video online. If you don’t know how to make a video an audio file, you can install converter apps like Video MP3 Converter, Video Format Factory, FFmpeg, etc. These apps are easy to use and come with detailed instructions.

So, if you have increased your social media budget for 2023, the next logical question is what types of videos are trending so you can get your brand name on everyone’s mind. Take a look.

Event Videos

On social media, everybody wants to feel included. They want to be part of the ‘popular’ group. So if you share videos of the latest event hosted by your brand, you will trigger a platform-wide FOMO.

Sure, you can post pictures on Instagram or even tweet about your event, but texts and images cannot showcase your event’s vibe as best as videos.

Videos will provide your audience with a realistic depiction of how exciting and unforgettable your event was so they get tempted to attend your next event.

Besides posting videos of the event, you can even go live to broadcast the exciting event happenings in real time.

You can break down the video content into several teaser videos to keep your audience on their toes. The teaser videos will tease the audience by showing them bits and pieces of the events while capturing the event’s energy.

The videos can be uploaded on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms.


Everyone wants to know what’s happening behind the curtain. You can highlight your company’s culture and build connections with your audience by uploading behind-the-scenes videos.

Behind-the-scenes videos may include backstage glimpses, office tours, showing new products, etc.

Product Demo Videos

Want to influence the purchase decisions of your target audience? Then, you can create posts demonstrating the features of your products so you can entice interested buyers.

So do not limit yourself to showing product images. Instead, start creating product demo videos so consumers know what they are buying and are encouraged to make informed decisions.

In the video, you must highlight the key product features and how the product benefits the buyers.

Since social media videos are typically information videos, they appear to be much more authentic and convincing than video ads.

User-Generated Videos

Although social media videos are impactful, they are time-consuming. Also, brands must develop new themes and follow the latest trends before creating videos.

Furthermore, capturing videos is not enough. You have to edit them, so they fit the brand identity and meet the social media platform’s requirements. So the entire process may take a few days.

Therefore, a good solution is to include user-generated videos in your social media marketing mix. Then, you can ask your customers to share their created videos and upload the best ones on your brand’s social media pages.

User-generated content not only allows brands to engage with their audience with fresh content but also creates an opportunity for the brands to appreciate the loyalty of their customers. This encourages people to create more content for their favorite brands.

So if you are running out of video ideas for your upcoming social media campaign, you can involve your customers and upload user-generated videos.

Videos Promoting Exciting Deals And Sale

If your brand offers a 20% or up to 50% sale over the next few months, you can inform your audience through videos.

Although the default marketing strategy involves creating a graphic image showcasing the sales offers, creating videos entices consumers to take advantage of the sale offers.

Using videos to showcase discounts and sales must be upbeat, as it should lure the buyers into making a purchase. The video must include eye-catching animations and attractive graphics to capture your audience’s attention when they visit your business page or come across your video content. Also, you can turn the video content into Instagram Reels or Facebook Stories to increase the reach.


These are some video content trends across social media platforms for businesses. You can also engage your audience’s attention by creating videos of customer testimonials, Q&A sessions with industry leaders, how-to guides, podcast teaser videos, or videos that tell relatable stories to connect with the audience. So tell your marketing team to start brainstorming video content ideas!

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