Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds Spoilers: A Story of Redemption and Revenge

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Discover the Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds spoilers. Explore a tale of betrayal, revenge, and redemption as Lua navigates a path filled with extraordinary powers.


The captivating manhua “Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds” impresses the reader’s imagination with its original plot, well-developed characters, and gorgeous illustrations.

The plot centers around Lua, a one-of-a-kind young woman with amazing healing talents that come at a high cost. During her path of self-discovery, Lua learns to accept her limits and use her gifts to aid people in need.

You’ll be captivated by the book’s captivating fusion of fantasy, romance, and adventure right up to the very last page.

Lua’s Flawed Healing Powers and Troubles as a Saint

Lua is a candidate saint with healing powers. However, her abilities were flawed, causing her immense pain and suffering. Lua must transfer their symptoms onto herself to heal others, which affects her physical and emotional well-being.

Despite the remarkable nature of her powers, the other saintly candidates view her as a flaw. The only person who stands by her side is her best friend, Ariane, offering unwavering support and understanding.

Betrayal and Transformation

One day, tragedy strikes when Garrot, the Knight Commander Lua deeply cares for, loses his life. Determined to save him, Lua pushes herself to the limit, using her healing powers to revive him.

However, when Garrot awakens, he mistakenly believes that Ariane is the one who healed him. To add to the heartbreak, Garrot and Ariane’s engagement is announced, leaving Lua devastated.

In her despair and resentment, Lua solemnly vows never to use her healing powers again. But Lua’s perspective takes a drastic turn when the Second Prince Swen approaches her, suggesting that she take revenge on those who have demeaned her.

She unveils another hidden ability—the power to inflict healing symptoms on others. Lua joins Swen and embraces her new identity as an “evil woman” rather than a “saint.”

The Journey of Redemption and Revenge

Lua and Swen, the “evil woman and prince duo,” gain notoriety as they join forces to aid those rejected by society. Together, they embark on a quest to bring healing and hope to individuals who are social misfits.

Lua discovers a newfound purpose in life, learning to accept her shortcomings and channeling her powers to benefit others.

Throughout their journey, Lua and Swen face numerous obstacles and challenges. Lua must confront her demons, reconcile her past and present, and find forgiveness.

Well-rounded Characters and Intricate Interactions

“Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds” has a large cast, with each character having a distinct personality and past. The main character, Lua, is multifaceted and struggles with her limits and the treachery caused by those she once trusted.

Garrot, the Knight Commander, is caught between his responsibilities and his feelings for Lua, while Ariane’s real character becomes clear as the narrative develops.

The characters’ relationships are deep and nuanced, lending depth and richness to the novel’s themes and narrative. Lua, Ariane, and Garrot’s connections are intricately intertwined throughout the novel, highlighting the nuances of friendship, love, and devotion.


Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds Spoilers leads readers on a journey of atonement and revenge. Lua’s narrative is resilient as she learns to accept her shortcomings and use her special powers to help people in need.

The book’s blend of fantasy, romance, and adventure keeps readers interested until the end, making it a must-read for fans of engaging writing and well-developed characters.

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