After Facebook banned Trump, his page became a weird shrine

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After President Donald Trump was banned from Facebook, his page became an unexpected memorial. His followers began posting messages of mourning, admiration, and even conspiracy theories in their devoted defense of the former president. What started as a defiant act against Mark Zuckerberg’s decision began to evolve into something much bigger. It has become a strange shrine to Trump, filled with symbols and images of devotion to him and his cause. In this article, we’ll explore this phenomenon and why it occurred in the first place.

In January 2021, Facebook decided to indefinitely ban then-President Donald Trump from its platform after the Capitol riots. It was a move that has been praised by many as a necessary step to curb dangerous information and hate speech. However, in the months since then, Trump’s page has become something of a weird shrine, with users sharing pictures and messages of support for the former president. This article explores why this is happening, and how it’s changing our understanding of power dynamics in the digital age.

In the wake of the Capitol Hill riots, the world saw a dramatic shift in how we view social media and its role in politics. In response to President Donald Trump’s incitement of violence, Facebook made an unprecedented move and banned him from their platform—a decision that left many people feeling conflicted. Since then, Trump’s former Facebook page has become a strange shrine to his past achievements. While some users express support for his actions, others express disdain and confusion over the decision. In this article, we will explore the strange phenomena occurring on Trump’s former page and how it reflects current public opinion on social media and politics.

The Banning of Trump’s Facebook Page

After Facebook banned Trump, his page became a weird shrine. People left messages of support, shared memes and articles about him, and even started posting pictures of him in honor of the president. His page became a place for people to express their love for Trump, and it was clear that they missed him being a part of their lives. The banning of Trump’s Facebook page was a turning point for many of his supporters, and it showed how much they valued having him as a part of their online community.

The Reaction to the Ban

The reaction to the ban was mixed. Some people were happy to see Trump gone from the platform, while others felt that he was being unfairly censored. Many Trump supporters started posting messages of support on his page, turning it into a strange sort of shrine.

Some people were happy to see Trump gone from Facebook, feeling that he had used the platform to spread lies and hate speech. Others felt that he was being unfairly censored and that this was a violation of his free speech rights. Many Trump supporters started posting messages of support on his page, turning it into a strange sort of shrine.

There were also calls for Facebook to ban other politicians who have been accused of spreading lies and hate speech. Some people feel that anyone who violates the platform’s terms should be banned, regardless of their political beliefs. Others believe that Facebook should be more transparent about its decision-making process and give users more control over what they see in their news feeds.

The Weird Shrine that is Trump’s, Facebook Page

As of January 7, 2021, Donald Trump’s Facebook page has been turned into a weird shrine. The page has been renamed “Donald J. Trump – 45th President of the United States of America” and features a cover photo of Trump with the American flag. The About section of the page has been updated to read: “This is the official Facebook page for Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America. Posts from the Page will remain on Facebook but will be limited to interactions between friends.”

The most recent post on the page is from January 6, 2021, the day of the Capitol Hill insurrection. The post reads: “The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape, or form!!!!”

Trump’s Facebook page has become a strange tribute to his Presidency since he was banned from the platform on January 7th. It is filled with posts about how much his supporters love him and miss him, as well as messages condemning Facebook for censorship. The comments on the page are largely positive, with many people saying that they check back often to see if Trump has made a new post.

What do you think about this transformation?

The Future of Trump’s Facebook Page

In the wake of Facebook’s decision to ban Donald Trump from its platform, the president’s page has become a strange and surreal place.

The page is still active, but all of Trump’s posts have been removed. In their place is a single statement from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: “We believe that the right thing to do is to allow President Trump to have a grace period of the sort to access his Facebook and Instagram accounts,” Zuckerberg said.

This means that for now at least, Trump can still post on his page – but his posts will not be seen by the millions of people who follow him on Facebook.

It’s unclear what will happen to Trump’s page in the long run. It’s possible that it will eventually be taken down entirely, or that it will become a kind of historical archive – a record of a dark moment in American history.


After Facebook banned President Trump from its platform, his page unexpectedly became a kind of weird shrine. His supporters used it to post tributes and farewells, while others posted parodies and satirical comments. It was an interesting phenomenon that demonstrated how powerful digital platforms can be in shaping the public discourse around a controversial figure like President Trump. While some may argue that this has been detrimental to our society’s ability to engage in civil discourse, it is undeniable that these digital spaces have provided people with a new way of expressing their thoughts and opinions on important events.

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