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Monké is a Montreal-based skateboard company that is shaking up the skateboarding industry. This brand creates fun, stylish, and innovative boards that are perfect for anyone who wants to improve their skating skills. Mashable got a chance to interview the founder and CEO of Monké, Nicolas Gagnon. Gagnon shared some interesting insights about the company and what it’s been doing to change the skateboarding industry. In addition to its innovative boards, Monké also has an impressive team of professionals that help it create quality products. From product development to marketing and more, this company is doing everything it can to make a difference in the skateboarding world.

Monké Skateboards was founded in Vancouver, BC in 2014 by Jesse Milne and Wes Kocher

In 2014, Vancouver-based Monké Skateboards was founded by Jesse Milne and Wes Kocher. The company quickly became a popular brand for its innovative and stylish skateboards. Today, Monké offers a wide range of boards, including street, pool, and vert skater models.

Monké’s philosophy is to provide high-quality skateboards at an affordable price. The company also strives to make a positive impact on the community by supporting local initiatives and charities.

In addition to its own products, Monké also manufactures boards for other brands such as Palace Skateboards and Creature Skateboards.

The brand is known for its durable skateboards and high-quality products

Monké is a well-known skateboard brand that specializes in high-quality products. The brand is known for its durable boards and its commitment to providing quality products for skateboarders of all levels.

The Monké team consists of skateboarding veterans with over 25 years of experience who design, test, and produce the highest-quality boards in the industry. Their goal is to make sure that each board delivers the perfect ride for every skater, regardless of their skill level.

Monké boards are made out of some of the toughest and most durable materials on the market, which makes them perfect for any type of skater. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can trust Monké to provide you with a board that will keep you safe and happy on the ground.

In 2018, Monké was acquired by Globe Brands, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard

In 2018, Monké was acquired by Globe Brands, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard. The brand is now operated as an imprint within Globe’s skateboard division, which also includes brands like Girl, Zero, and Spitfire.

Monké has been a mainstay in Vancouver’s skateboarding scene for over 20 years. Founded by Steve McKenna and Geoff Mayhew in 1992, the company has grown to become one of the most influential and well-known skateboard brands in the world.

The acquisition by Globe Brands represents an exciting new chapter for Monké. With its deep expertise in skateboarding and branded portfolio of products, Globe Brands is the perfect platform to continue driving growth and innovation for Monké. We look forward to working with them to continue elevating the brand across all channels globally.”

Today, Monké offers an extensive selection of skateboards and skateboarding gear for both adults and children

If you’re in the market for a new skateboard, or just need some new gear to help you take your skills to the next level, you’ll want to check out Monké Skateboards. They have an extensive selection of skateboards and skateboarding gear for both adults and children, so you can find something that fits your needs.

Monké offers a variety of different shapes and sizes, so no matter what your skill level is, you should be able to find something that will work well for you. Plus, their boards are made from high-quality materials, so they’re sure to hold up over time.

If you’re looking for a great place to buy new gear, or just need some advice on how to improve your skills, be sure to visit Monké Skateboards!

The company has a strong commitment to social responsibility, donating

Monké Skateboards is a Vancouver-based skateboard company that employs a social responsibility approach to its business. The company has donated money and materials to skateparks, homeless shelters, and other organizations that help those in need. In addition, the company has sponsored events and donated money to charity.


Looking for a fun way to get out and about? Check out Monké Boards! This brand-new skateboard company is based out of Vancouver, BC and they offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find the perfect board here.

Monké is known for its high-quality boards and accessories, so you can be sure that your ride will look amazing no matter how hard you shred. Plus, with locations in both Vancouver and Richmond, there’s always a place to go when you want to hit the pavement.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on over to Monké Boards and start boarding!

Discover a different world of fashion – Shop online

If there’s one thing Vancouver can be counted on, it’s fashion-forward skating and skateboarding. Monké is a Canadian brand that takes traditional skateboard wear and jazzes it up with bright and bold prints, unique materials, and some seriously cool fashion.

Monké was started by two friends, who wanted to create a brand that embodied their own personal style. The brand has quickly gained a cult following in Canada for its dope clothing and stylish skateboarding videos. Monké has several collections including Urban Techwear, which features tech-inspired prints, graphics, and colors; Boardroom Couture, which is all about luxury fabrics and intricate detailing; as well as the edgy Streetstyle line which offers a sexy take on classic skate looks.

If you want to get your hands on some of the coolest clothes in town, then head over to Monké’s online store where you’ll find everything from tees to bombers to jeans. Plus, if you’re feeling crafty you can always make your own version of one of the brand’s signature pieces!

Monkeskate clothing (rehmanaseo)

Monkeskate is a clothing line started by Rehman Sajjad and his mother in 2011. The company specializes in skateboarding apparel, with a focus on creating stylish and comfortable clothing for skaters of all levels.

Monkeskate is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, and offers a variety of stylish clothing options for both men and women. The company prides itself on creating high-quality products that are both functional and fashionable, making it an ideal choice for skaters looking for top-of-the-line apparel.

The Monkeskate clothing line features a wide range of styles, from classic board shorts to stylish knee socks. All of the garments are made from durable materials that ensure years of wear, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit everyone’s needs.

If you’re looking for stylish and comfortable skatewear that will help you look your best at every session, consider checking out the Monkeskate line!

Monkeskate Clothing

Monkeskate Clothing is a Vancouver-based skateboard clothing company that designs and manufactures its own line of boardshorts, tees, and crew necks. The company was started in 2015 by brothers Tanner and Clay Hargrave, who shared the same passion for skating and designing cool clothes.

The Monkeskate Clothing line features high-quality materials, and unique designs, and fits true to size. All of the products are made in Canada from premium fabrics such as Japanese cotton twill. The company is also environmentally friendly, using water-based dyes in its products rather than harsh chemicals.

The Monkeskate Clothing line has been well received by both skaters and fashionistas alike. Their board shorts are perfect for hot summer days spent skating around town or hitting the occasional skatepark session. They also make great winter gear since they’re lightweight but Warm enough to keep you comfortable when the temperatures dip below zero degrees Celsius.

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