Lenora Hatathlie: A Life of Devotion and Resilience

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Lenora Hatathlie, the wife of the late American actor and writer Charlie Hill, has remained a relatively unknown figure in the public eye. While her husband gained fame as the first American-Indian stand-up comedian on American television, Lenora preferred to lead a quiet life away from the spotlight.

However, her unwavering support and her endeavors as a community advocate reveal a woman of strength and determination.

In this article, we explore the life of Lenora Hatathlie, from her early years to her marriage with Charlie Hill, shedding light on her role as a devoted wife, mother, and advocate.

A Loving Partnership: Lenora and Charlie’s Enduring Marriage

Lenora Hatathlie and Charlie Hill embarked on their journey of love and companionship when they tied the knot in 1980. Their marriage spanned over three decades, symbolizing a solid and enduring partnership.

Despite keeping their personal life private, their long-lasting union speaks volumes about their commitment. Lenora’s unwavering support undoubtedly played a significant role in Charlie’s career and personal life.

The Advocate in the Shadows

While Lenora’s professional life remains undisclosed, her actions as a community advocate demonstrate her passion for making a positive impact. As a resident of Coal Mine Mesa, Lenora Hatathlie wrote a letter to government officials addressing the Navajo-Hopi dispute and its repercussions on society.

Her letter shed light on the issue and proposed potential solutions. Through her advocacy, Lenora showcased her dedication to bringing about positive change and giving a voice to marginalized communities.

Charlie Hill: A Multifaceted Career

Lenora’s late husband, Charlie Hill, left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Starting his career with the Native American Theatre Ensemble in the 1970s, Charlie soon ventured into television.

He made notable appearances on shows like The Richard Pryor Show, Late Show with David Letterman, and Moesha, showcasing his comedic prowess and captivating audiences with his unique style.

The Fruit of Love and Loss

Lenora Hatathlie and Charlie Hill’s marriage brought forth a beautiful family. Together, they raised four children, two sons and two daughters. The names of their two sons are Dine’ Nizhoni Hill and Nabahe Hill, while their daughters are Nanabah Hill and Nasbah Hill.

Lenora’s daughter Nasbah, born in 1983, is currently 40 years old, while her son Nabahe, born in July 1989, is 33.

A Glimpse into the Children’s Lives

Lenora and Charlie’s children have pursued diverse paths in their lives. Dine’ Nizhoni Hill chose a career as a sheep herder, carrying on the legacy of their Native American heritage.

Nanabah Hill pursued her passion for film and studied at the Los Angeles Film School. Currently residing in Temecula, California, Nanabah is married and continues to explore her creative endeavors.

Lenora’s daughter Nasbah, a well-educated woman, studied at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, California State University, and Michigan State University, showcasing her dedication to personal growth and knowledge.

A Life of Quiet Strength

She resides in her birthplace, Coal Mine Mesa, Arizona, surrounded by her children and grandchildren. Despite losing her beloved husband, she continues to carry his memory.

While Lenora’s professional life remains a mystery, her dedication to her family and community is evident. Her active presence on Facebook provides a glimpse into her life, connecting her with friends and loved ones.


Lenora Hatathlie’s life has been intertwined with the achievements and legacy of her late husband, Charlie Hill. They shared a profound love and companionship that lasted over three decades.

Lenora’s advocacy commitment and unwavering support for Charlie’s career demonstrate her strength and determination.

As she continues with her life, surrounded by her children and grandchildren, Lenora Hatathlie is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the pursuit of positive change.

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