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Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the novels and with the movie franchise that ensued. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to go inside the world of Harry Potter? That’s where Potterflix comes in. This movie franchise takes fans on an interactive journey into the world of Harry Potter, one film at a time. From watching iconic moments from the movies play out on screen to exploring the sets and interviewing cast and crew members, Potterflix is an unparalleled experience for any Harry Potter fan. So if you’re looking to get lost in all things Harry Potter, check out Potterflix today!

Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal es una película de acción-aventura dirigida por David Heyman, basada en el best seller novel de J.K. Rowling. La película estrenada el 19 de mayo de 2018 y protagonizada por Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Ralph Fiennes. Es la segunda película producida bajo el management de David Heyman después de las adaptaciones del libro para televisión de 1996 y 2001. La historia se centra en la vida diaria en Hogwarts entre 1992 y 1998, cuando Harry Potter es alumno primero. A partir del anuncio oficial del Director David Heyman en 2013 (antes incluso que terminara el libro), se comenzaron a rodar varias secuencias en Inglaterra con un presupuesto estimado en 150 millones de libras esterlinas (aproximadamente US$234 millones).

What is Potterflix?

Potterflix is a project conceived by Argentine filmmaker Gabriel Bocanegra and based on the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. The project, which began as a one-off short film, consists of three parts: “The Philosopher’s Stone,” “The Chamber of Secrets” and “The Prisoner of Azkaban.”

Potterflix is a streaming service that features all eight Harry Potter movies and the first four seasons of the TV series. It’s available on both desktop and mobile devices, and can be streamed in full or with select scenes paused for convenience. The movies are presented in 1080p resolution with Dolby Atmos sound, and some exclusive features include behind-the-scenes footage, character interviews, and exclusive content not available on Netflix.

Each part is set in a different period and features a new cast of characters. Part One, set in the 1920s, focuses on Albus Dumbledore (played by Michael Gambon) while Part Two, set during the Battle of Hogwarts in 1998, stars Evanna Lynch as Hermione Granger and Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort. Part Three, which is currently in production and slated for release in 2020, will follow Scorpius Malfoy (played by Jack Quaid) as he attempts to uncover the secrets of the Philosopher’s Stone.

The Harry Potter Franchise

The Harry Potter franchise is one of the most popular and successful book-based movie franchises ever. The first book, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,” was published in 1997 and was followed by five more books over the next ten years. The movies were released between 2001 and 2011, with an extra movie, “Deathly Hallows – Part 2,” released in 2011.

The Harry Potter series is set in England during the 1990s and focuses on an 11-year-old boy named Harry who is discovered to be a wizard when he is just 11 years old. He quickly learns that he is not the only one with magical powers; there are also witches and wizards living among them. The evil Lord Voldemort wants to kill all of the wizards so that he can rule over all of England, and Harry must use his magical abilities to fight Voldemort and protect the people he cares about.

The Harry Potter series has been praised for its unique plot, characters, and setting. The books have been translated into more than 60 languages and have sold more than 150 million copies worldwide.

The Piedra Filosofal

“Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal – Potterflix”

The Harry Potter series has always been filled with thrilling magic and adventure, but what many people don’t know is that there is a bit of philosophy hidden within the story. In this article, we will be exploring one of the most famous scenes in the series, the one where Harry uses the Sorcerer’s Stone to defeat Voldemort. We will be looking at the symbolism behind it and discussing its meaning.

In terms of symbolism, one of the most important things to note about this scene is that it represents knowledge vs. ignorance. When Harry uses the Sorcerer’s Stone to cast a spell, he is using principles that have been passed down from generation to generation. This is something that Voldemort cannot understand, as he is only interested in power and neverminds tradition. This scene also symbolizes how knowledge can protect us from harm. Without knowledge of these spells, Voldemort would have been able to defeat Harry easily.

Why was the Piedra Filosofal so important to the Harry Potter Franchise?

The Piedra Filosofal was an ancient stone in the Harry Potter franchise that played a significant role in the storyline. The stone was first mentioned in the book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” when Ron Weasley finds it while searching for Hermione Granger. The stone is later used by Dumbledore to explain why he cannot turn Harry into a Horcrux. In “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2,” Voldemort uses the stone to try and find out if Harry is Lord Voldemort’s son.

What Happened to the Piedra Filosofal After the Movies Ended?

After the last Harry Potter movie ended in 2012, many fans were left wondering what happened to the Piedra Filosofal. Some people believed it was destroyed while others thought it had been relocated to some other location. However, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, J.K. Rowling revealed that the Piedra Filosofal did not exist in the books or movies and was only a fictional object created by her for the story’s sake.

Rowling explained that she came up with the idea for the Piedra Filosofal after watching The Sorcerer’s Stone when she was just 11 years old. “I remember watching The Sorcerer’s Stone and thinking, ‘What kind of stone is this? It has such amazing power,'” she said. “I imagined this great hall where all these magical things were kept and I called it the Piedra Filosofal.”

Although Rowling never visited real-life Salzburg where the Piedra Filosofal supposedly existed, she made sure to research its location and architecture carefully for her book and movie adaptations. “Every detail in [the Piedra Filosofal] scenes was based on fact,” she said. “There is a Salzburg palace with a courtyard like that.”


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then chances are you’ve seen the movies and read the books. But what if you want to experience all of Harry Potter’s world without leaving your living room? That’s where Potterflix comes in – this streaming service offers subscribers access to every movie, series, and book from the Harry Potter universe, as well as exclusive new content. Whether you’re a first-time viewer or a seasoned veteran of the wizarding world, there is something for you on Potterflix. So check it out today!

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