Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Beef Stick

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A beef stick is a perfect snack, especially since they’re typically low in sodium and protein. However, many beef sticks contain artificial ingredients and chemical preservatives. This is why reading the label is important when choosing the best beef stick. Choose products made with grass-fed meat and without artificial preservatives.


There’s a lot of buzz about grass-fed beef, and it makes sense: Cows evolved to spend their lives peacefully grazing in wide-open pastures instead of being fed copious amounts of GMO grain in cramped feedlots. While much of the beef consumed today comes straight from these operations, health-conscious consumers have been searching for better options. When shopping for meat, see labels indicating that the animals were 100% grass-fed and ideally grass-finished, such as Herd77. While these cows may cost a bit more, they produce higher-quality beef and can naturally maintain their health and well-being without using hormones or antibiotics.

The nutritional profile of grass-fed beef is different than that of grain-fed, and it has been shown to have beneficial effects on heart disease, cancer, and obesity risk factors. For example, a study found that grass-fed beef has 2-4 times more Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), a type of fat with powerful anti-cancer and weight-loss properties. Another benefit of grass-fed beef is that it’s typically leaner and, therefore, lower in saturated fat. However, the lack of marbling means that meat from grass-fed animals must be prepared using wet cooking methods to maintain tenderness and juiciness. A diet that combines core from grass-fed animals with plenty of vegetables is an excellent way to get the nutrients you need.


Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale. While it’s essential to many foods, people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity must avoid it. The good news is that meat is naturally gluten-free, especially if it’s plain or lightly seasoned. However, deli meats and pre-packaged meats may contain gluten. This is because they usually have ingredients like fillers, binders and additives that can contain gluten.

Additionally, they might be cross-contaminated with gluten-containing food at the deli or in a manufacturing facility. Look for brands offering various flavors without added preservatives or chemicals to ensure you get the best beef sticks. You’ll also want to choose a brand that uses grass-fed beef and is made in small batches. For example, Country Archer produces a classic beef stick low in sodium and nitrite-free. These meat snacks are perfect for on-the-go snacking and can help to boost energy levels. They’re also a great source of protein and can benefit kids, athletes, and those with some health conditions. Grass-fed beef is also more easily absorbed by the body, so you’ll get more nutrients from these meat sticks. Moreover, they can help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. They’re also a delicious alternative to greasy potato chips or sugary snacks.

Low in Sodium

A diet rich in whole foods is one of the best ways to reduce salt intake. However, limiting sodium can be tricky. Even processed items can contain a lot of sodium. This is because sodium is added to make foods taste better. Sandwiches are a common source of sodium, frozen meals, canned meats and nonstarchy vegetables. Many condiments and sauces like salad dressing, ketchup, mustard and relish also have a high sodium level.

Luckily, many products are available for those looking to cut sodium from their diets. It’s important to read the Nutrition Facts panel when selecting a product. The label will indicate the amount of sodium per serving. This information can help you make the most of your food choices. Some jerky products have less sodium than others. It has only 200mg of sodium per ounce of the Traditional beef stick. It is also gluten-free, grass-fed and finished, and doesn’t contain nitrites or MSG. You can also find low-sodium lunch meat options at the deli counter. Depending on your chosen brand, you may need to read the Nutrition Facts panel to determine the sodium level per serving.

High in Protein

If you’re looking for a healthy snack, beef sticks can be a great choice. They have a higher protein content than cheese sticks and are generally lower in sodium and calories. They also provide the body with various nutrients, including iron and calcium. They also contain less saturated fat than other meat products. It is usually made from lean cuts of beef and cooked at low temperatures for long periods, so it has a very low-fat content. Choose a brand that uses grass-fed meat and does not use artificial preservatives or flavor enhancers like MSG. You should also avoid nitrate compounds, such as sodium, linked to several health conditions. Look for a brand that uses natural nitrates and nitrites, such as celery juice powder, to preserve the meat instead. This method of preservation is safer for you and the environment.

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